Printi ng Groups consisting of fileds and graphics...

David Squance squance at
Mon Nov 8 14:25:49 CST 2004

There is also the printscale property, if you take Frank's suggestion
and put each picture and note field on one card.  It shouldn't be too
difficult to script printing a quarter size (for eg.)  card in each corner
of a page. (But if you're using Windows, better get someone else's
help, as I have my own problems placing stuff for printing.)

>The best way to do this in Rev would likely be to have the slides set
>up as cards on a stack (or otherwise get a picture of each slide so
>that you can post the pictures onto cards for printing) and to print
>the card into a region on the page (using the print command), then have
>a separate card somewhere with a field appropriately sized for
>printing, so that you could then print that card using the same
>command.  The text field card could be on a separate stack, for
>On Nov 4, 2004, at 19:44, John Patten wrote:
>> Hi All...
>> I'm trying to put together a little project that will allow the user
>> to take
>> notes on a series of directions they listen to in a presentation.
>> I was trying to come up with a way to present a sub-stack that had
>> thumbnails of the slides and a field associated with each thumbnail.
>> The
>> user could take notes on the slides that they choose, and then
>> ultimately
>> print out a hard copy of the slides with their notes.
>> My problem is how to print the hard copy out. I have quite a few
>> slides in a
>> presentation (20 or more), so I was thinking I would group all my
>> thumbnails
>> and associated scrolling fields. Then, when the user completed the
>> tutorial,
>> they could hit a print button at the bottom and the slides with
>> associated
>> notes would print out under each slide.
>> Are there any suggestions on how I could print out a group of slides
>> and
>> associated scrolling fields?
>> Thank you!
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