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The best way to do this in Rev would likely be to have the slides set 
up as cards on a stack (or otherwise get a picture of each slide so 
that you can post the pictures onto cards for printing) and to print 
the card into a region on the page (using the print command), then have 
a separate card somewhere with a field appropriately sized for 
printing, so that you could then print that card using the same 
command.  The text field card could be on a separate stack, for 

On Nov 4, 2004, at 19:44, John Patten wrote:

> Hi All...
> I'm trying to put together a little project that will allow the user 
> to take
> notes on a series of directions they listen to in a presentation.
> I was trying to come up with a way to present a sub-stack that had
> thumbnails of the slides and a field associated with each thumbnail.  
> The
> user could take notes on the slides that they choose, and then 
> ultimately
> print out a hard copy of the slides with their notes.
> My problem is how to print the hard copy out. I have quite a few 
> slides in a
> presentation (20 or more), so I was thinking I would group all my 
> thumbnails
> and associated scrolling fields. Then, when the user completed the 
> tutorial,
> they could hit a print button at the bottom and the slides with 
> associated
> notes would print out under each slide.
> Are there any suggestions on how I could print out a group of slides 
> and
> associated scrolling fields?
> Thank you!
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