Drag & Drop File/Folder on Rev Standalone Program Icon

Rob Cozens rcozens at pon.net
Mon Nov 8 09:40:08 CST 2004

Morning All,

While working on a folder archiver, I thought I would explore the 
possibility of creating a drag-and-drop standalone along the lines of 
Stuffit Expander:  Dropping a file/folder on the archiver icon would 
initiate compression, and dropping a compressed file or folder 
archive would initiate decompression.

I searching Rev documentation, I see support for dragging & dropping 
text into an open Rev stack; but this gives me no clue whether or how 
dropping a file/folder on a Rev standalone icon can open & run the 

A.  Does Revolution support the drag-and-drop action I desire?

B.  Can anyone point me to examples and/or references?

Rob Cozens, Staff Conservator
Mendonoma Marine Life Conservancy

"The challenge is to come up with new ways to balance the increase in 
the number of people fishing with the need to reduce the number of 
fish caught and killed.  The stocks can't sustain the increasing 
pressure and the only way to ensure we will have fish in the future 
is to leave more in the water now."

-- Federal Ocean Commissioner Andrew Rosenberg

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