Coninued printing woes

David Squance squance at
Sun Nov 7 22:49:51 CST 2004

Another request of the windows gurus:
  I'm trying to figure out the way to print on to non-standard paper, like
envelopes.  Because the laser printer I have to test with feeds envelopes
in the middle, one question is:  If I use 'PrintPaperSize' to set the
envelope size, is 0,0 at the corner of the envelope where it's feeding
from, or where a normal 8.5 X 11 page would be?  This would be with
PrintRotated set to true.  I noticed in test printing (on the laser
printer) that the address is rotated counterclockwise (presumably this is
normal) and the address was the same distance from the right side of the
paper (that is, the 'wrong' end of the address) on two lengths of paper.
When I had an envelope size set, most if not all the address missed
altogether.  I don't know if that's because it was fed down the middle or
because I set the margins from the wrong end.  Any enlightenment would be
The above trials were with a standalone on XP with a HP Laserjet 1100.

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