How to access the Telnet window and send my user name and password

Abeysekera, Prasanna nivantha at
Sun Nov 7 22:13:57 CST 2004

HI Dear All,
                  I like to learn how to open a telnet window and send my
user name and the password to telnet window through Rev script.
The requirement is to insert an IP number and log on to a server through Run
time stack. I appreciate any comments.

Also, how do I repeat conditions in if statement.

For example :

 if FRN is "10" then set the backgroundColor of field "NN" to "light cyan"
  if FRN is "10" then enable the field "NN1"

How do I combine the above conditions without writing a another if

I am new to Rev and programming.

Appreciate any helpful comments,



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