Graphic Question From Newbie

John Miller johnmiller1950 at
Sat Nov 6 19:06:39 CST 2004


I am writing a stack that generates a standardized contract form for a 
company. The program works fine, but now they want the capability to 
e-mail the contract showing their company logo. I have a fairly good 
scan at 600 dpi, that is 1 X 3 inches in photoshop. However, when I 
import the graphic into revolution, the graphic is huge. If I shrink it 
down, it prints out very fuzzy.

I 've tried a number of things. The only success I've had is to save 
the file in photoshop as a pict file. When I import it into revolution, 
I get a dialog box stating that pict images are MAC only. Revolution 
offers to convert it into a png image. After the conversion, the image 
imports at the correct size, but it still appears very fuzzy when 

If I import the file into Word X, the image appears at the correct size 
and is very clear and sharp. However, if I import the same file into 
Appleworks, I get the same thing as in Revolution - one v-e-r-y large 

I don't understand dpi and image size at all. Can anyone help?

What is the maximum dpi that revolution supports?

Thanks for your help.

John Miller

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