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Sat Nov 6 16:44:37 CST 2004

On 11/6/04 3:49 PM, MisterX wrote:

> Jacque,
> - Make sure the directory is set to an existing drive first.

Thanks to both you and Jan for responding. I'm not sure if you mean 
Rev's directory or the shell's. The whole process takes place on the C 
drive. But I do need to instruct Windows to move to the folder that 
contains the DOS app. That's why I want to use the "cd" command as the 
first line.

> - Use the command.exe and not cmd (NT only).

I don't know what this means. I'm not using either. When I call shell() 
the shell windows opens, produces an error, and closes.

> - switches are with '-' or '/' or ? - you can find out using xxx.exe /?
> To find out. Also -o=v or -o:v or -o v or -ov are all possible assignments
> of v to the o switch. I suppose you are copying from an example... 

The switches are correct, I use them frequently from the shell window. 
I'm just trying to automate something I do a lot by putting a Rev front 
end on it.

> - using the windows crlf or just cr to break the line?

I haven't tried sending two lines; I didn't know we could. I thought we 
were limited to a single line, and had to indicate separate commands by 
inserting the "&" between them. Can I just send the two commands with 
crlf between them, and do it that way?

> - how does it work in a normal shell window when you type this command?

Works fine.

> - eventually, use Jan's bat idea.

Don't know how to do that. What is the process?

> - path or arguments with space and '&' need quotes around them...

That was part of my question; I can't seem to get those formatted 
correctly. When I add quotes around each of the paths, Windows says 
there are too many parameters.

> Otherwise your command looks good!

And if it worked, it'd be even better. ;)

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