geometry manager

thierry douez at
Fri Nov 5 04:19:09 CST 2004


Helps a lot , thanks !  works again.....

will think of upgrading to 2.5 after the release of Version 2
of my product....

xccc> 2.1 has a few GM bugs...
xccc> Not that 2.5 isnt bug free but it is (ahem) better behaved.

xccc> My guess is that an old position got stuck or didn't get updated
xccc> because some event blocked the update. This can happen when you
xccc> have a pending error, self-resizing stack or a resizestack handler that
xccc> doesn't pass resizestack or send revUpdateGeometry back.

xccc> Try to send a revUpdateGeometry to your stack to see if it gets fixed.
xccc> If not, clear the revgeomtry settings for your control, and then
xccc> reassign the GM rules. This usually fixes the problem...

xccc> In some cases, you can put an empty resizestack handler to block the
xccc> GeomtryManager, resize your stack/controls and then remove the blocking
xccc> handler. Doesn't always work though but it's one way to fix it.

xccc> Hope that helps ya
xccc> Xa

>>         have some problems with the geometry manager...
>>         works fine for few days, but this morning, few objects
>>         where out of the window, and now when i'm changing the size of
>>         the window ( drag bottom-right ), one field systematicaly move
>>         few pixels too much to the right ? which it didn't do before ?
>>         Does the geometry manager being stable and quite reliable ?
>>         PC Win98 Rev 2.1.  work with one group and 2 fields !

Best regards, 

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