graphics with transparencies and OS 9

Chris Sheffield revlist at
Thu Nov 4 17:14:37 CST 2004

Actually, I'm not really sure if this is an issue with transparencies or
with the windowShape property.

Here's what's happening.  I have an application that uses a png graphic as a
window shape.  When I run the app on a non-locked volume, it displays as it
should, including the transparency.  But if I run the app from a locked
volume (CD-ROM), it doesn't work.  The stack window displays in a normal
rectangular window without the special shape, and there is no transparency.

This is only happening under Mac OS 9, and I have tried using both png and
gif images with the same results.  Anyone have any ideas why this would be
happening?  Why would an app need a writable volume in order to display a
window shape like that?  I can upload some screenshots and post links if


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