:message watcher

thierry douez at wanadoo.fr
Thu Nov 4 05:19:20 CST 2004


xccc> no idea since it is not documented - btw there's even 
xccc> a funny typo in the message watcher documentation:
xccc> (copy paste not working again) just look it...
xccc> But why is it that when you suppress ide messages 
xccc> you still see cRevGeneral? ;)

>>   And is there a simple solution to know, not only the
>>   target of the message but the sender too ?

Ok, i dig into the message watcher stack and start to
understand a little bit more ... i can quote Klaus' humour :
        Per aspera ad astra !

>>   Can someone tell me what is the number in () one
>>   can see in each line of the message watcher ?

it is the time in ticks in between 2 events.

So, i changed few lines in the card script:

1)  better to read on the screen ( set Tabs property of the messages field as you like )

before: put char 1 to (the number of lines in the executionContexts) - 2 of "              " into ns
now:    put char 1 to (the number of lines in the executionContexts) - 2 of ( tab&tab&tab&tab&tab&tab ) into ns

2)  to filter the cRev... add this line after the normal filtering :

add:    if offset( "cRev", m) is 1 then exit recordMessage

3)  the executionContexts  apparently gives the message's hierarchy !!!!

So, i'm happy again and Hope this help
I guess with the Debugger i could have all this information, but as
i've never been able to run properly the debugger... :-(

Best regards, thierry

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