Scrolling list of Groups

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Nov 4 03:37:23 CST 2004

Hi Mike,

> Sorry, I was perhaps not clear enough in my original posting.  I am 
> looking
> to learn how to add a group dynamically to the bottom of scrolling 
> group
> from within a script rather than thru the IDE.
> I am thinking of having the scrolling group already pre-populated with 
> a
> single grouped item.  I am thinking that I must clone that single 
> group,
> rename it and adjust it's location.  Ok that gets me two items in the
> scrolling list.  Later, how do I find the last group in the scrolling 
> list
> so I can clone it and add another one below it?
> Am I on the right track here?

Yep :-)

Well, the last group in your list (another group) will be ehmm "the 
last group of grp xyz"! :-)

So you could just:

lock screen
put the num of grps of grp "yadda" into the_number
clone grp the_number of grp "yadda"
set the topleft of grp the_number + 1 of group "yadda" to the \
    bottomleft of grp the_number of group "yadda"
unlock screen

##where "yadda" is the name of your scrolling list group

Hope that helps.


Klaus Major
klaus at

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