Exporting an Image

Jim Carwardine JimCarwardine at OwnYourFuture-net.com
Wed Nov 3 20:24:59 CST 2004

Got a quick question about exporting an image to a container.  I'd like to
grad a section of a card image from one stack and put it into a container in
another stack.  Since I'm doing this from a palette I've created, can I go
to the receiving stack from the palette and reference the card I'm copying
from without it being the top level?

Second, I've looked at Sons of Thunder web site and found a script
(imag007) for copying a card image not using import snapshot.  Can I use
this routine to take an image for a section of a card?

Third, by reading the write-up by Ken Ray/Brian Yennie for point 2, I can
almost answer my own question in point 1... The answer being that it must be
the top level so the image can be "seen".

Can anyone give me some guidance?  Jim

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