ResizeStack cards and objects

thierry douez at
Wed Nov 3 06:27:50 CST 2004


>> ...... how do we have to ( or can ) manage the resize
>> of a stack in one
>> card and that silently resize the objects of the
>> hidden card. ( or refresh ? )

JS> When you use the Inspector palette to look at the Card
JS> properties, you'll see that there is a 'Geometry'
JS> panel, where you can tick a checkbox to "Update before
JS> opening card"
JS> It is a good question why this is not the default
JS> behaviour-- if you want, you can always file an
JS> enhancement request using bugzilla.

well, never aware of this one !

ok, it works like a charm :-)

> KM> Per aspera ad astra! ;-)
        No pain, no gain.
        No sweet without sweat.
        With sweat to the stars.
        You get the picture ;-)

Yes, absolutely, and even more within revolution... hummm.

Put this in your script(s):

on preopencard
   ## or "resizestack" or whatever handler you use to
   ## "re-arrange" your objects after resizing...
end preopencard

about Klaus solution , i guess i need it if i'm
doing my own resizing without the geometry manager ?
i tried with resizestack but got some script error ???

Thanks , thierry

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