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Wed Nov 3 05:49:48 CST 2004

Bon jour Thierry,

> Guten Tag Klaus,
> KM> Per aspera ad astra! ;-)
> Translation svp....  :-)


Well, it means something like:

No pain, no gain.

No sweet without sweat.

Literally translated:
With sweat to the stars.

You get the picture ;-)

> As i come closer to the final step ( well, hope so :-) )
> new stuff pops up.... :-(

So don't use pop-ups ;-)

> basically, i have 2 cards.
> if i resize the stack , the current card objects are resized 
> accordingly
> to the geometry properties, but not the second one !!!
> i just go to the other card, click and
> move a bit the resize ( bottom-right of the card ) and it's Ok again.
> So, how do we have to ( or can ) manage the resize of a stack in one
> card and that silently resize the objects of the hidden card. ( or 
> refresh ? )
> Hope i'm clear and thanks for a clue

Put this in your script(s):

on preopencard
   ## or "resizestack" or whatever handler you use to
   ## "re-arrange" your objects after resizing...
end preopencard

Hope that helps...

> Best regards,  thierry


Klaus Major
klaus at

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