menuLines in the Basic Properties window

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Nov 3 04:18:06 CST 2004

Bon jour Thierry,

> Guten Morgen Klaus,
>>>  What is the use of the option MenuLines in the property Window,
>>>  under Basic for a button ?
>>>  doesn't seem to be effective ?
> KM> It is, it is...
> KM> This defines how many lines will be displayed in an option-menu or
> KM> combo-box style menubutton.
> Well, no way to do it for a popup menu, i guess ?

No way, sorry...

> By the way, i was building a Hierarchical menu where each menuitem
> was rebuild on the fly depending on the context... what  a job :-(

Per aspera ad astra! ;-)

> at last, it works....
> thierry


Klaus Major
klaus at

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