FileFormat for uploading/downloading OS X apps

RGould8 at RGould8 at
Tue Nov 2 21:45:07 CST 2004

Can anyone tell me the preferred method for uploading and downloading Mac OS 
X apps from http servers via Revolution?

For instance, let's say that I want my Revolution app to download the AOL AIM 
4.7 installer from an HTTP server.   First, I'd upload the file 
"InstallAIM4.7" to my http server via Fetch.   That tool automatically appends a ".bin" 
extension to the end.

Next, if I have my Revolution app download the file, it downloads fine, but 
comes down as a text file with a .bin extension - - - and if I double-click on 
it, it just loads a bunch of gobbly-gook into a text-editor.

I realize that I can fix the file association by setting the creator-type in 
Revolution before downloading.   That I can fix.   However, I'm just not sure 
what file format to upload via Fetch that will download and decompress 
properly for those Mac user's who don't have Stuffit Deluxe installed on their Macs.  
 I'm thinking that perhaps .bin might not be the format of choice.   I looked 
into Rev's compress and decompress, but those appear to be string-compression 
commands that wouldn't fare well with large binary application files.

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