ANN: New tool for RunRev development

Alex Tweedly alex at
Tue Nov 2 08:45:03 CST 2004

At 14:39 02/11/2004 +0100, xbury.cs at wrote:
>           Last but not least, im
>not happy at all with the feedback I get from this list, so the number
>of downloads is all I got to see whether a stack is usefull or not.

Well, OK, you asked for more feedback .....

Initial impression:

The initial announcement said (paraphrasing) :
  - Here's a super editor that does some things unspecified.
  - There's no feature list, and no documentation.
  - Some features aren't done yet.
  - "I'm not even sure the props are set properly yet, so please do not use 
on a stack without
a backup."
       (generally good advice - but the cavalier way it's said makes it 
sound much worse).
  - I haven't tested it all yet (this may be a joke, not sure ?).
and finally
  - it works with XOS

Since XOS is still undocumented, and you haven't yet explained (in any way 
I can understand) what it is or what it will do, or how it will do it), 
this doesn't at all help me to know what this editor will do.

Initial Conclusion - if I had a lot of free time on my hands, I might try 
it out - but I don't. So without some coherent description of what it is or 
what it does, not worth downloading it.

But since you asked for more feedback, and I can sympathize with wanting 
that, I downloaded it.

It runs, has a very minimal help file, which doesn't tell me what it should 
do, or help me to understand whether any (apparent) failure is due to
  - a real problem
  - a feature not yet ready
  - me guessing wrong what it's supposed to do.

I know I can select different stack from the drop down list - but the list 
of controls includes many that are not in the selected stack. Should it ? 
Or is this a bug ?

I tried typing the name of a control into the filter box - and now the list 
includes only that control - good !
Click on it, hoping to see its script in the box below - error box says
Type :   Handler: can't find handler
Object:   ControlsBrowser
Line:    set the defaultstack to thisstack of me
Hint:  of

Clicked on Script to take a look - and this line appears just following an 
empty if - endif clause.

Second conclusion: it really isn't fully tested or ready for use yet; I'll 
wait for the documented, tested version thanks.

-- Alex.

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