ANN: New tool for RunRev development

Klaus Major klaus at
Tue Nov 2 08:24:45 CST 2004

Hi X,

> Na Klaus,
>> Bon jour Monsieur X,
>>> sorry, I test the downloads before submitting them. I know it works.
>> ...on your machine, with your browser ;-)
> Actually, 2 different machines, 2 different networks, 2 different OSs.
> Tested with IE and Avantbrowser. Tested via a test link in the download
> entry page and again via the public link. Then tested via RunRev on the
> direct link to make sure it was copied correctly (you wouldn't believe
> my bad luck if I dont test something)...


...on your machines, with your browsers on your networks (please note 
the plural now ;-)

>>> It works in the discrete browser like you mention too because it is
>>> not set to recognize a file from a html page. This seems
>> like a MIME
>>> problem on your browser. Sorry. Can't help you there.
>> Please c'mon, until:
>>    go stack
>> url""
>> doesn't return "no such card", you could be so kind and
>> supply at least a ZIP-ped version (or even GZ-ipped :-) of
>> that stack on your page...
> I could zip it but then you couldn't open it directly.

But that way we cold at least GET HOLD OF IT!

> Someone did manage
> ...

Sorry, i definitvely do not want to bust yor business :-D

> cheers
> Xavier

Au revoir...

Klaus Major
klaus at

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