Empty menu items

Éric Miclo eric.miclo at wanadoo.fr
Tue Nov 2 05:01:26 CST 2004


I've a big problem with menus and I don't know how to avoid it: upon 
using an app I developped (either saved as a standalone or used withing 
the IDE), Revolution adds empty menuItems the the 2 first menus of some 
of the stacks that belong to my app. The added empty menuItems can be 
created in any stack, not always the same, and the number of empty 
menuItems can vary from 1 to around 10.
When I delete those menuItems, save the stack, close it and reopen it 
they are again there.
I wonder if the fact that I switch from one stack to another, each of 
them having a menuBar, doesn't fool Revolution that adds menuItems to 
reflect the number of menuItems in the previous open stack. I dind't 
forget to add the "pass openStack" and other messages (but even without 
them the problem seems to be there).
Does anyone have an idea, because I'm going crazy deleting these 
menuItems (not to say that I can't release my app until the problem is 

Thanks, best regards,


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