ERC - Last Call

sims sims at
Tue Nov 2 03:23:14 CST 2004

Folks...if any of you have been "putting off until the last minute" getting
in touch with me about attending the European Rev Conference, that
last minute has arrived.

Don't miss your chance to hear Kevin Miller talk about Rev's future and
don't miss the opportunity to talk to him in person.

We have a star studded lineup of presenters for this conference
and some fabulous new products which will be announced. I truly
mean FABULOUS as I have seen some exciting bits & pieces.

If you want to attend you *must* get in touch with me NOW!

Don't miss out on Jan's comedy routine (which he has threatened to perform ;-)
or the UNREAL new product he will debut.

Don't miss out on Klaus's famous escape from the "Wine Cask of 
Death!" which involves
handcuffs, chains, the infamous Klinka Sisters Dancing Troupe of 
Outer Bugagastan,
four pizza pies with anchovies, and of course the ever popular tub of 
jello. Due to international law,
the Geneva Convention, and human decency no filming will take place of Klaus
performing this feat.

But seriously...we will be presenting great topics such as game 
development, enterprise
software, plug-in development, porting to different platforms, and much more.

Please email me today if you want to attend.

See you in Malta at the European Rev Conference 2004


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