Valentina and RR 2.5 - Timeouts

Gordon Tillman got at
Mon Nov 1 12:05:58 CST 2004

Howdy Folks,

A question for anyone using RR 2.5 and Valentina....

I have a simple test stack that uses the following functions to 
communicate with Valentina:


Everything works, except I'm getting problems with the 10-minute 
timeout from Valentina.  I do have valid Mac and Windows valentina 
serial numbers.  I double-checked with Ruslan at Paradigmasoft to make 
sure I was using the proper serial numbers.

Has anyone gotten Valentina to work with RR 2.5 using these standard 
functions.  Or are you having to use the Valentina external method to 
make it work?

Thank you,

Gordon Tillman

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