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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Nov 1 11:36:20 CST 2004

On 11/1/04 9:34 AM, Ralph R. Forehand wrote:

 > You wrote;
 >> What was the problem? I'd like to know, in case someone else hits
 >> it in the future.
 > The problem for me was navigation to the Learning Center! When I
 > tried accessing the "Learning Center" directly from the revOnline
 > browser, it generated a "learning_center.rvc.gz" document - BUT does
 > not tell you anything else? i.e. that  you must them open the
 > "learning_center.rvc.gz" document with the browsar Revolution Logo
 > Button. An unnecessarily complicated procedure to say the least IMHO.
 > Surely Revolution should and will make accessing their Learning
 > Centermore direct and easier for us Newbies.

It is supposed to be much easier than your experience. Most people can 
click directly on the Learning Center within the RevOnline browser and 
it opens up directly. They never even know there is a downloaded file on 
their disk. The things you had to do to access the Learning Center were 
a work-around for your specific situation.

So we still don't know why you had to go to that much trouble. I'd like 
to figure it out if possible. Did you move your Rev distribution folder 
somewhere other than the Apps folder? There is (or was) a bug where very 
long file paths, or paths with some international characters in their 
names, cannot be accessed. Could that be part of the problem? What 
happens if you move your Revolution folder to the desktop?

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