sample stacks - detailed description of how to find them

Ralph R. Forehand ralf at
Mon Nov 1 09:34:10 CST 2004

>On 10/31/04 2:20 PM, Ralph R. Forehand wrote:
>>Thank Goodness!! With your help I finally found it and have review
>>the sample stacks and scripts. I quickly found two scripts that I can
>>use directly in converting my favorite HyoerCard stack!! I'm sure
>>I'll learn more from these resources in future,

You wrote;
>What was the problem? I'd like to know, in case someone else hits it in the future.
>Jacqueline Landman Gay         |     jacque at
>HyperActive Software           |

The problem for me was navigation to the Learning Center! When I tried accessing the "Learning Center" directly from the revOnline browser, it generated a "learning_center.rvc.gz" document - BUT does not tell you anything else? i.e. that  you must them open the "learning_center.rvc.gz" document with the browsar Revolution Logo Button. An unnecessarily complicated procedure to say the least IMHO.

Surely Revolution should and will make accessing their Learning Centermore direct and easier for us Newbies.

I trust the above is helpful.

Thanks Again for your help and interest.


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