How to make My application Trial ware

Malte Brill malte.brill at
Mon Nov 1 03:41:24 CST 2004

Hi Niva,

I´ll make this mail short, as I´m in a hurry.

My strategy is the following:

Create a Preferences stack for your app.
Have a handler that generates a password string in your app.

You might look at the following demo:

Don´t use it without modifying to make it unique for your app.

In your registration dialogue you need three fields.
Take a few chars from the first and the second field, put them into a var,
add some numbers here and there. Add some chars here and there (look at the
demo stack mentioned above). Nothing but basic string manipulation.
This string will need to be entered in the 3rd field ofyour registration
dialogue. If it is the password you sent to your users, set a custom
property in your preferences stack and save it. Enable or disable the
features of your app. in a preOpenstack or openstack handler and after
entering the registration data, if the customproperty of your preferences
stack is set accordingly.

Password protect the script of your stack before building your distribution,
that one cannot see how you generated the unlock string.

If anything I wrote here is not clear, feel free to ask.



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