ANN: new version of CGI-Tool Stack

Andre Garzia soapdog at
Sun May 30 18:31:01 CDT 2004

Hi folks,

After being in hospital for a while due to an evil mosquito bite, I am 
back coding. First it's an annoucement of a new version of CGI-Tool 
stack. This is a simple Helper stack made by Me, Andre Alves Garzia 
(soapdog at, to help people setup MC Engine and LibCGI with  
remote FTP access. To use this you should have the MetaCard engine 
suited for your plataform and LibCGI.rev. The brand new feature is CGI 
Stack file uploading. You create your stack in the Rev IDE and from 
there you upload it to your remote server, like, a remote distribution 
builder. It will ask for you stack file and upload it to the /stacks/ 
folder of your LibCGI instalation. It can also launch the default 
browser pointing to the desired CGI after upload, good for debugging.

I hope this will aid all newbies out there to make CGIs using our xTalk 
platform of choice.

Workflow is like this:
1) Download the mc engine suited for your server platform.
2) Download libCGI
3) Use CGI-Tool stack to upload and setup them both at your server.
4) Code your own cgi.
5) Use CGI-Tool stack to upload and install it on your server...

it's pretty straight forward, very easy! Also I would like feedback on 

Always keep tunned for tools and news by checking and

you can get it from (it's cgitool.rev)

or type: go URL  "" into your 
message box


Andre Alves Garzia ð 2004
Soap Dog Studios - BRAZIL

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