IDE Interference (not just a another rant)

Monte Goulding monte at
Fri May 28 03:21:03 EDT 2004

>You didn't get my point. But if I want a suspendstack event, it's my
>to have one as it is a feature. The point is that when you are in an IDE,
>the IDE
>messaging should NOT interfere with your applications' events. When I
>choose a different tool, go to the message or to set an object's
>via the pallete, I am NOT leaving my application... In RR's case, it is...
>This was not an issue in HC. THIS means that when you use suspend or other
>stack messages which may be interfered by RR's development stacks, you
>have to add a check level to make sure you are not in a rev palette or

Er.. Xavier I haven't been following this thread so maybe I'm off track here
but in what what is Rev interfering with your stack's events. We all know
that the IDE is made of stacks. A stack's a stack. So you will get
suspendStack and resumeStack messages when moving around the IDE. This is
not a problem if you understand the reality. Same thing happens in MetaCard.

Having said that from the sounds of what you wrote above you are actually
implemeting your autosave feature in a different way than what you think. I
think you are actually looking for the suspend message sent to the current
card of the topStack when the application is suspended. This is a quite
different beast to suspendStack and should avoid your work getting locked up
when you are just trying to edit stuff.



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