Single package for OS 9 and X?

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Thu May 27 15:40:39 EDT 2004

The other possibility is to get a hold of an older version of Rev (1.1.1
should do it) that created Carbon/CFM, not Carbon/Mach-O executables. These
apps "straddled the fence" between OS X and Classic - they appeared as
single files that were not bundles, but could be run in both OS X and
Classic modules. If you get that, you could create a "front end" to your app
that did the checking, and if they were in OS X, it would launch the *real*
app, located in another folder in your installation.

Just a thought...

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> > Is there a way I can make a Mac OS X Revolution app, that, when 
> > someone attempts to run it on Mac OS 9, will display a popup saying 
> > "This application is
> > designed to work only in Mac OS X".   Right now, OS 9 users 
> just see 
> > folders
> > (which is what I would expect).   Somehow Mindvision VISE has a 
> > technique for
> > making some sort of "combo" file that works in OS 9 and OS X at the
> > same time - -
> > - was just curious if the same technique could be applied to 
> > Revolution.
> It seems that I have seen some things that implied this could 
> be done.  
> I was not interested at the time and did not pause to look 
> into it.  If 
> it is possible, it might be done in modifying the OS X app bundle by 
> adding some directories, by moving over the OS 9 app and by editing 
> some files.
> Look at app bundle specs.
> Dar Scott
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