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sims sims at
Thu May 27 03:26:09 EDT 2004

>MisterX wrote:
>>  Richard, I definitely want to meet you in Malta!
>You're coming?  Cool!  Jim Sims has done a great job putting 
>together a strong lineup.  While I'll hopefully be at least amusing, 
>the rest of his lineup is chock full o' experience:

Richard is much too modest...but he is right about the lineup.
Everyone has great presentations lined up and there are a few 
surprises that are yet
to be announced.

Hope we see you here in Malta MisterX! Get in touch with me if
you have any questions about the conference or Malta.

We've placed the EuroRevCon between two other events for those who want to
extend their learning holiday and get the most out of the trip. We 
have a week with
Adam Engst of TidBITS before the Rev event and then a short history/archaeology
tour of Malta scheduled after the Rev event.

Kevin Miller will be doing the Keynote and then he will be available for
discussions - both group and individual  ;-)   Write up a list of questions
for Kevin but you'll have to come here in person to ask him! There must be
something you would like to ask him...yes?

See you at the EuroRevCon,


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