IDE Interference (not just a another rant)

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Wed May 26 13:32:42 EDT 2004

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 > I gave up on reveditscript and revselection changed...
 > I had some AWESOME plugins to come... no release date yet...

I gave you the solution months ago when you first started complaining 
about this.  Rev's messages for plugins are convenient but by no means 
necessary.  While other plugin authors aren't reporting the sorts of 
show-stoppers you keep writing about, simply taking advantage of the 
solicited advice given would completely free you of such frustration.

In short, use frontScripts.  Take a look at how UmbrellaMan works, or an 
even better example might be 4W Props (also in RevNet).

When in use they insert a frontScript to trap any messages they need, 
and when they close they tidy up after themselves by removing that 

Using a frontScript to trap native messages directly takes about a 
minute of extra work to set up, but once done it puts you in total 
control of what's happening, reducing the layers between you and the engine.

Caveat:  as a courtesy to the rest of the environment, in most cases 
you'll want to pass any system messages trapped in a frontScript.  The 
only exception I can think of is the editScript message, as there's no 
point in letting Rev get it to open another script editor if you're 
trapping it to open your own.  Messages like selectedObjectChanged are 
definitely things you'll want to pass.

Another benefit to using frontScripts rather than relying on Rev's 
dispatched messages is that you'll be able to use your plugins in any 
IDE.  If you move work between multiple IDEs this can be invaluable.

FrontScripts and other means of extending the message path are detailed 

>>>PS: when will this subscription list adhere to standards and strip the
>>>CC's and other non-subscription list emails? Do you like SPAM, and
>>>mis-forwards to the wrong persons? I suppose it's normal... ;)
>>Dude, please.  If you have a question about the list format contact the
>>listmom, Heather.
> im just waiting for another blunder to happen to laugh my heart out!

Your schadenfreude is inspiring.

I haven't experienced any sort of "blunder" related to forwarding, etc. 
  What's going on with your email client?

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