menu shortcuts & menubar property

Martin Baxter martin at
Mon May 24 19:11:38 EDT 2004

I've hit a vexing problem here with menu shortcuts in rr2.1.2.

In windows XP the keyboard shortcuts for a menu don't work unless I set the
stack's menubar property.
I had got the impression from the docs that this property only affected
mac, (UNIX and win symbols are crossed out) but, if it is empty the
keyboard shortcuts fall through to the default menubar.

In Linux it is even worse, because while the menubar property has to be set
in order for the menu in the top stack to block the keyboard shortcuts from
"falling through" to the default menubar, (or maybe the first one found,)
they don't actually work in activating menu commands in the topstack.
In my Linux standalones, keyboard shortcuts don't work at all anymore
(though they used to : so maybe I fiddled with something I shouldn't have?).

couldn't see anything exactly like this in bugzilla, though there are some
shortcut problems there.

Can anyone shed any light?

I'm off to have a good cry now.


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