group strangeness

Klaus Major klaus at
Mon May 24 11:36:10 EDT 2004

Hi Howard,

> On May 24, 2004, at 10:18 AM, Klaus Major wrote:
>> Totally out of order/misplaced and thus completely useless...
> Would it help if you explicitly set the lockLoc of the images to true?

Not tested yet...

But right now it is more comfortable for me to not use lockloc ;-)

It works fine with "repeat with x ... DOWN to...".

But i think this is a bug!

-> hide img i of grp "xxx"
...should do nothing more than it says!!!

> Regards,
> Howard Bornstein


Klaus Major
klaus at

Maybe i should use dynamic creation of images as needed like Chipp's
altImgThumbNailerBrowserThingie or something ;-)

Will give it a try...

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