Imported Video Clip Won't Play

Pierre Sahores psahores at
Sat May 22 04:20:07 EDT 2004

Hi Roger,

This could have to do with the fact that your movie contents could be 
saved as a multiplexed track (video and sound at once). If so, you will 
need to use a demux utility to split the multiplexed track as two 
separate new tracks, the first one for the video and the second for the 
sound. Else, if the video codec is "avi", you will need to export the 
tracks to get able to manipulate video and sound tracks from inside the 
QT tools, including the Rev's QT ones.

Best, Pierre

Le 21 mai 04, à 18:29, Roger Guay a écrit :

> Thank you, Pierre.  Your solution works.  I seem to be having other 
> problems with this particular file which is not RunRev related.  It 
> seems that I can import this file into Quicktime Pro and export it to 
> a ".mov" file OK, but if I then try to edit the converted file, I lose 
> the sound.
> Thanks for your help,  Roger
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>> Hi Roger,
>> Does the "Movie.mpg" open under QuickTime Payer ? If yes, save it,
>> under QT Pro or equivalent, as "" or as "Movie.mp4". Than, it
>> will run OK from your Rev's player :)
>> Best, Pierre
>> Le 20 mai 04, à 21:01, Roger Guay a écrit :
>>> Hello List
>>> I have a one card stack into which I imported a QuickTime video clip
>>> titled "Movie.mpg".  On the card I have a button with a mouseUp
>>> handler and the line: "play videoClip "Movie.mpg" at 200, 100".  All 
>>> I
>>> get is about 2 minutes of the rotating color wheel cursor followed by
>>> a black 2-inch vertical band on the card.  The movie file size is 3.2
>>> MB.  Any ideas?  BTW, I tried removing the ".mpg" from both the 
>>> script
>>> and the name of the video clip but to no avail . . . same result!
>>> Thanks, Roger
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