terminate script from keyboard

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Fri May 21 11:11:37 EDT 2004

Thanks to all for the suggestions. 

Of course my original problem was how to get out of a situation like this
when you inadvertently coded it. Changing the script to provide an escape
hatch is easily done after the fact but I'm afraid I don't usually plan my
bugs so carefully. What I was asking for is a way to get out of this kind of
unplanned situation short of killing RR and losing any unsaved changes. So
far the consensus seems to be that you can't.


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>How would you stop this?
>>on mouseUp
>>    repeat 100000 times
>>      put "hello" & cr after fld 1
>>      answer "hello"
>>    end repeat
>>end mouseUp

1.  on mouseUp
       repeat 100000
         put "hello"&return after field 1
         answer "hello" with "Goodbye" or "Hi back"
         if it is "Goodbye" then exit repeat
       end repeat
     end mouseUp

2.  on mouseUp
       repeat 100000
         put "hello"&return after field 1
         answer "hello"
         if the controlKey is down then exit repeat -- untested; should exit
                   -- if controlKey is down when the answer dialog is closed
       end repeat
     end mouseUp

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