How do I retrieve MIDI input?

Weise, Christopher cweise at
Thu May 20 22:37:34 CDT 2004


I'm a two-year list-lurker and rev user, coming from a 10 year attachment to
HyperCard. I finally have a question for which I can find no solution from
the list and/or docs. (I've read numerous MIDI threads, but they seem to
deal with output--formatting MIDI files, playing back through QT, etc.)

I want to capture raw MIDI input from an external source (typically a MIDI
keyboard), connected via USB. I cannot assure that users will have access to
a USB-serial converter. On Macs, I want to be able to go through CoreMIDI;
on PC, I don't know yet (Mac version comes first...). The old HyperMIDI
externals don't seem to work, at least in OSX.

Should/Can I:
1. Learn to write an external with my scripting-only (very meager outside of
HyperTalk) programming experience?

2. Use AppleScript and/or AppleEvents?

3. Uncover some script, external, or other solution I've missed?

4. Find another alternative altogether?

5. Give up?

Does anyone do this, or (perhaps) know of an apple-scriptable MIDI utility
from which I could retrieve the data and deal with it in Rev (only way I can
think to do it...)? Thanks for any and all sage advice.

Chris Weise
Music and Fine Arts
Johnson C. Smith University
Charlotte, NC

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