html tag for page break?

Pat Trendler ptrendler at
Thu May 20 22:34:45 EDT 2004

Thanks for your help Mark.

I already have the text from the fields in a variable. I don't want to
restrict the printed page to a certain number of lines, but I want to force
a new page after a particular field has been printed.

Maybe I'm being dumb here.  By the way this is win if it makes any
difference. (well it does explain me being dumb)

Pat Trendler
patrend at

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> On Thursday, May 20, 2004, at 06:27  PM, Pat Trendler wrote:
> > I am using htmlText and revPrintText to print from scrollable fields
> > from
> > various cards. How can I force a page break where I want it?
> >
> > Thanks for any assistance.
> >
> > Pat Trendler
> I would put the htmlText of your scrollable field into a variable. You
> might need to deliberately strip all cr & return chars so that you have
> one long string in the variable and then replace "</p>" with ("</p>" &
> return). Anyway I would count out the number of lines, select an
> appropriate line to cut at, check it for number of chars and cut it
> down to a size that fits a printed page and add "</p>" to the end of
> the cut point. Then start the next page from the cut point with "<p>"
> I wouldn't be surprised if there was a way or better way to set page
> lengths before printing. I've never tried to do this. Sounds like a
> nice feature to have though.
> Mark
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