Plugins shut when suspending dev

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Thu May 20 20:25:20 EDT 2004

I have a selection of plugins that open when I start Rev. I have some 
problems getting them to open as palettes, but that's a separate issue. 
My concern today is that when I suspend the development tools, the 
plugins all get closed, as do the regular palettes e.g. message box & 
inspector. However when I restore the development tools, the built-in 
palettes came back on, but my plugins don't. A further wrinkle is that 
they don't appear in the Plugins menu, presumably because they are set 
to open on startup.

So here are my questions:
1. Is this a bug that I should report or just a "feature"?
2. Does anyone have a workaround?
3. Is it just me or is the list very quiet at the moment? What are you 
all up to that I don't know about :-)

sarahr at

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