terminate script from keyboard

Springer, Paul paul.springer at sensis.com
Thu May 20 08:14:21 EDT 2004

Thanks Mark, Andy & Eric.

My problem was a bug where there was an answer command inside a
non-terminating repeat loop. I had some unsaved changes (other than the bug
:) that I didn't want to lose by killing RR completely. I got out of the
pickle by using the app browser to open the offending script, setting a
break point, and applying the changes. The script stopped and I was able to
fix it. Cool. Try that with Visual Studio.

What I was hoping for was a key combination to get me out of this (not that
it'll ever happen again!). I tried break and some others but with no luck.
Maybe because it was always waiting for the response to the answer command.
Is there some windows equivalent to Cmnd-. ?


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> > If the mouse is down -- THEN
> > exit "your script name"
> > end if


if the mouse is down then exit "name of your script"

Forgetting my original typo, your solution is better if you have to do any
housekeeping before quitting the script.

Take it easy,


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