Palette redraw problem

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed May 19 22:59:51 EDT 2004

On 5/19/04 6:36 PM, Scott Rossi wrote:

> Recently, "J. Landman Gay" wrote:
>>I have stack that opens a tool palete. I want the palette to disappear
>>when the stack is not frontmost, and reappear when it is. I scripted a
>>suspendStack handler and a resumeStack handler to manage this:
>>on suspendStack
>>hide palette "myPalette"
>>end suspendStack
>>on resumeStack
>>show palette "myPalette"
>>end resumeStack
>>This works exactly every other time the stack is suspended; that is, the
>>first time it hides, the second time it doesn't. In addition, the times
>>when the palette is reshown, it is not redrawn and appears on screen as
>>a plain white rectangle with no contents. "Go this card of stack
>>myPalette" from the message box will force a redraw and the contents appear.
> So far, I can confirm the above behavior on Mac OSX.
> I don't know if this is an acceptable workaround but have you tried setting
> the palette's loc offscreen?
> local origBR
> on suspendStack
>   put bottomRight of stack pal into origBR
>   set bottomRight of stack pal to 0,0
> end suspendStack
> on resumeStack
>   set bottomRight of stack pal to origBR
> end resumeStack
> I used this and it seems to work, but I don't know if this is the behavior
> you want (you can't click on the palette or it disappears).

Cool -- instant whack-a-mole with a palette stack. :) It does work in a 
way, but I need to be able to click on the palette. This is a blocker 
for me. Off to bugzilla-land...

I'm grateful for the verification though. Thanks for checking.

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