Embedded Quotes Revisted

Judy Perry jperryl at ecs.fullerton.edu
Mon May 17 15:27:01 EDT 2004

Hi again,

Same project, new dilemma (but the other ones were solved, Thanks!).

Again, what I'm doing is making a slightly interactive
presentation/introduction to Rev for school teachers.  It's trying to
explain what what Rev is, what it can do, and how to make it do things
(hence my pseudo-Message Watcher etc.).

The current dilemma involves embedded quotes.  I have a card that tries to
walk people through writing a simple mouse event handler.  Button#1 is a
drop-down with the four mouse messages previously presented.  Button #2
has four sample commands (things like opening up a URL in a browser,
showing a text field, disabling a button and playing an embedded sound

Both buttons are to send text to a pseudo script editor window (text field
within the graphic of a script editor window, actually) to assemble the
handler.  Button#3 is the button that the user has just "assembled" with
its script coming from the text field within the phony script editor
window graphic (thanks, Brian or whoever helped me out with that one!).

Problem: things that don't require embedded double-quotes (like
enabling/disabling the target button) work great.  The others don't for
obvious reasons.

I searched the archives and found one answer that involved CLIPS (?) and
using a slash; the other was something involving using a function from Ken
Ray which I don't really understand:

answer "She said, " & q("I do.")

function q what
  return quote & what & quote
end q

Is there anyone who can translate this from geekSpeak to normalHumanSpeak?
(sorry; I'm no programmer)

I suppose I could use a global variable and manually script the 16
possible combinations but am hoping for a more humane solution.



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