Does this email show up ok?

Mike MFitz53 at
Fri May 14 16:22:44 EDT 2004

RGould8 at wrote:

>I'm on AOL for the Mac and was wondering if this email message shows up ok on 
>the revolution listserve, or if it is embedding a bunch of html tags when 
>this message gets sent out.   The only way to test it is to post this message and 
>find out.   I want to make sure I'm not causing grief to people trying to 
>read my messages.
>If this email is causing problems with the listserve, then I'll have to 
>switch to my PC, which gives me the option of sending "text only" messages.   On 
>the mac client, I don't appear to have that option.   
>If it is causing problems, if just one person could respond, that'd be fine.  
> I'll get the message.
>use-revolution mailing list
>use-revolution at
I see no html tags. All's well.

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