Can I alter the frame rate of an animated GIF by script?

Graham Samuel graham.samuel at
Tue May 11 13:07:20 EDT 2004

On Mon, 10 May 2004 16:30:06 -0700 (PDT), Alejandro Tejada 
<capellan2000 at> wrote:

>Look at this approach to show animation in
>your stack:
>Abraham Wouter created a professional example of
>a filmstrip player. You could write him for a copy.
>I think that the name of the file that he sent me is
>Notice, Graham, this is one of the best way to have
>animated png or vector graphics in your stack!
>The animated png format is mng, but it's still a
>work in progress.
>Scott Rossi created this walking animation example,
>some time ago:
>Good luck and keep us informed of your advances
>in this area.

Thanks Al, I'm looking at this. Couldn't download your .gz example (the 
link is wrong) but I did find your script. I think I see the idea, and 
anyway I will study it very carefully. The stuff I'm doing is very 
filmstrip-like, in that I just want to show a succession of simple frames 
at different speeds, and sometimes backwards. I then sync the animation 
with a sound (I have a different sound for each speed - there is no way as 
far as I know to play sounds at different speeds except via QuickTime which 
I am not able to use). This part seems easy (it's always worked), so I have 
high hopes of this method.

I'll let the list know how I get on with this and other suggestions which 
have been made in the last few hours. It seems a strange route to have 
taken - from QuickTime to Animated GIF to DIY animation, but if it works 
I'm all for it!

Thanks again


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