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Tue May 11 03:38:30 EDT 2004

On Mon, 10 May 2004 16:58:02 -0400 (EDT) "Kevin" <nnoydb at> wrote:

[a useful input to my animated-GIF question - thanks to all who replied, 
but it's not the subject of this particular email]

I notice that every time Kevin (and **only** Kevin) includes a quotation in 
a message to the list (at least when I see it in the Digest) it comes out 
like uninterpreted HTML - a text string with tags but no returns. I hope 
the following will show what I'm seeing(I'm sure it will if you're using 
Eudora on Windows anyway):

Recently, "Graham Samuel"  wrote:<br><br>> I could reduce the number of 
animated GIFs in my app (which might be a<br>> cause of these difficulties) 
if I could change the frame rate of an<br>> animated GIF on the fly. So far 
I haven't found anything in the<br>> documentation about this: can anyone 
say if it's possible and if so, how to<br>> do it?<br><br>You can't change 
the frameRate but you don't need to rely on it either.  Set<br>the 
repeatCount of your GIF to 0 and increment the currentFrame via 
script.<br><br>[example card script]<br> on playGIF<br>   get the 
currentFrame of img myGIF<br>   if it < the frameCount of img myGIF 
then<br>     put it+1 into F<br>   else put 1 into F<br>   set the 
currentFrame of img myGIF to F<br>   send "playGIF" to me in 100 
milliseconds #10 FPS<br> end playGIF<br><br>See the list archives for more 
on this technique.  A scripted solution gives<br>you much greater control 
over GIF playback than the built-in timing in<br>animated GIFs.<br><br>

Does anyone know why this happens and how one can get round it? I find this 
text more or less unreadable?


Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK & France  

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