Runrev bugs out on some HFS metadata (Mac OS)?

Jan Decroos jan.decroos at
Mon May 10 03:17:37 EDT 2004

Alex Rice writes:
>Has anyone seen a situation where "the long files" listing is wildly 
>inaccurate when reporting the size of the Resource Forks of files?
>Looking at 1 particular file from 3 different utilities:
>Resedit 2.1.3----
>TEXT : R*ch
>1868 bytes in resource fork
>354 bytes in data fork
>OS X Finder----
>2,222 bytes (which happens to equal 1868 + 354 reported by ResEdit)
>Runrev "the long files"---
>empty creator code!
>354 bytes data fork
>25710144 resource fork!!
>I ran Disk Utility and checked the volume, but the problem is still 
>Also copied the file over to another HFS+ volume, and still Runrev 
>reports this  strange size. So there is something about this file 
>that's confusing Runrev.
>Now I went to copy the file to a new folder to put in a Stuffit file 
>and send to Runrev support, but now the copy of the file shows the 
>normal sized resource fork.
>This is just bizarre

We 've seen wrong results (wrong type and creator) in "the long files" when the
first item of a folder is a folder.  But maybe there are more items wrong in
that case.



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