Klaus Major klaus at
Sun May 9 07:28:16 EDT 2004

Hi Webmaster - Dreamscape Software,
(may i call you Derek? ;-)

> I have a group with 32x32 fields.  I want to be able to click 1 of the
> fields, and move the mouse around (while the mouse button is still 
> down) and
> have the group test what field the mouse is currently over.
> I can get the mouseControl function to do this, but only if the mouse 
> is not
> down, and I need this to work while the mouse is down.

This is a case for drag'n'drop :-)

Group your fields and add this script to the group:

on mousedown
   set the dragdata["text"] to the number of the target
   ## or short name or...
end mousedown

on dragmove
   put the target ## into fld xyz
   ## or short name of the target or...
end dragmove

Tested and works :-)

You get the picture...

> Derek Bump
> Dreamscape Software


Klaus Major
klaus at

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