Creating bulletin boards, chat rooms and mail messages with RR/MC and CGI

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Sat May 8 19:01:19 CDT 2004

Creating bulletin boards, chat rooms and mail
messages with RR/MC and CGI

Have anyone in this mail list implemented 
bulletin board systems, chat rooms and 
personal mail messages using
server cgi and Revolution?

I think it's possible to create these collaborative
tools with RR/MC and server cgi's, but i'm not aware
of every detail that such systems must cover to be
reliable and expandible.

For example, the bulletin board could be
an html text file that is loaded in a field. In this
case every user will simply appends html text to the
text file.

A chat system appends this html text in real time
and sends this html file to every user connected,
or it's the software client whom request the file.
I believe that some java based chat systems works that
way. The web browser refresh the text fields a fixed
amount of times, no matter if anyone had not posted
new messages. This is some kind of loop... Right?

A personal mail system is something a little more
complicated, i guess. But maybe, it's just a matter
of making the user client to see ONLY the html
messages that they send or receive. Maybe all these
messages must be inside a personal folder in
the server.

Did i oversimplify the requirements to create
these collabaration tools?

Any insights are welcome.


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