Dave Cragg dcragg at
Sat May 8 04:37:35 CDT 2004

At 11:20 am +0200 8/5/04, Webmaster - Dreamscape Software wrote:
>I have a "preOpenStack" handler setup in my main stack.  Everytime I open my
>substacks, the "preOpenStack" message is sent not only to the substack, but
>to the mainstack as well.
>Is this right?  How do I prevent this?

It's right. A mainstack is in the message path of its substacks.

There are two common approaches to handling this.

The simple way is to put an empty (do nothing) preOpenStack handler 
in the stack script of your substack.

   on preOpenStack
   end preOpenStack

Or you can check for "the owner of the target" in the mainstack's 
preOpenStack handler. Something like this:

   on preOpenStack
     if the owner of the target is me then
       ## do your stuff here
     end if
   end preOpenStack


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