Another CGI question. Keeping an array over more than one Webpage

Pierre Sahores psahores at
Fri May 7 18:39:58 EDT 2004

Le 7 mai 04, à 21:10, Alejandro Tejada a écrit :

> on Fri, 07 May 2004
> jbv respond to Pierre:
>> Pierre wrote:
>> About using temp files : because a read/write proc
>> is always slower
>>> than getting/setting a global var, i avoid, for my
>> own to use temp
>>> files.
>> I see your point, but if the end user is not
>> supposed to see the
>> data, temp files are the only solution (because end
>> users can
>> always display the source code of the web page).
> Not always, according to some JB.
> There is a product named "WebLock Pro"
> that encrypt webpages. It's interesting, because
> the creator of this technology could disable the
> printscreen key, so the user could not take a screen-
> shot of the pages protected. I've read that it's
> easy to override this protection scheme, but the
> instruction to do so are not clear.


> By the way, talking about protection of data,
> Does exist a way to get the contents or
> the scripts of stacks opened directly in the engine,
> downloaded from the web?
> Someone told me that it's possible to make a dump of
> the memory and take the data from the resulting file.
> It's really possible to get a stack from a dumped
> memory file?

Even if it's, in theory, possible, suppose, just as an example, in 
between many other possibles ways :

1.- your main stack is password protected ;
2.- this stack contains substacks protected by randomly set passwords ;
3.- the mainstack herits from the substacks stack's and/or card's 
scripts by activating them as front and back scripts...

No sure it will be a piece of cake to rebuild all the stuff needed to 
get the stack cracked and runable at the same time...

I remember an hypercard stack i did so uncrackable, uncopyable, etc... 
that i could never restart it until i took together an old unprotected 
issue of it and the source code of the protected stack to build a new 
one... In about protecting code and apps, the key features are in the 
design, lots more than in the technical tasks...

Best Regards; Pierre
> Thanks in advance.
> al
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