use-revolution Digest, Vol 8, Issue 10

Ken Norris pixelbird at
Fri May 7 15:00:58 EDT 2004

Hi Rob and Judy,

> Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 08:04:51 -0700
> From: Rob Cozens <rcozens at>
> Subject: Re: Stupid Programming Question
> Judy,
> I presume you have the image name building issue solved now; but as
> an afterthought I offer a solution that does not rely on
> concatenation, handles 0 to n images, and allows for more meaningful
> image names:
> Place a list of image names in a field, property, or variable, in the
> order in which they are to appear.
> repeat for each line imageName in [field/property/variable]
>    show image imageName
>    wait 5 ticks
> end repeat
I use separate files for the images. Somewhere in the startup it looks 
in the images folder, builds a list with filepaths, and configures an 
index scrolling list field.

It basically uses only one card which contains the UI (which has the 
index field for manual access , the slide show picker and timer 
controls, manual navigation controls, print controls, file editing, 
etc.), and a single image holder control.

What's cool is that you are free to edit the image file folder (add, 
delete, etc.) at will. When you do so from within the program, be sure 
it automatically reconfigures the list and list field (using the same 
routine at startup).

Ken N.

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