Another CGI question. Keeping an array over more than oneWebpage.

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri May 7 14:01:06 EDT 2004

jbv wrote:

> Although I might be one of the most virulent anti-cookie
> activists (I NEVER used cookies in the numerous websites
> I've developped), I won't slam you...   ;-)
> Nevertheless, I keep thinking that using cookies is a blatant
> demonstration of lazyness for a programer (nothing personal
> of course) and that there are more elegant solutions.
> Furthermore, I know many end users who are virulent anti-
> cookies as well, who disable systematically the cookie option
> of their browser, and who get really irritated when a webpage
> refuses to display because they turned off the cookie option and
> who swear god they'll never visit that website again...

I'm no fan of cookie abuse, and I looooooove that Mozilla let's me 
approve them individually (I always nix the ones from evil ad companies 
that track you all over the Web).

But how else does one maintain state information, esp. between sessions?

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