Run Rev hangs while loading plug-ins

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Fri May 7 12:39:51 EDT 2004

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>>Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 13:14:17 +1000
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>>I've had this happen (Mac OS X) and I never discovered why. Although it
>>seems to hang while loading plugins, emptying the plugins folder
>>doesn't help. The only solution I found was to re-install. It hasn't
>>happened often but I now always keep the installation disk image, just
>>in case :-)
>>On 22 Mar 2004, at 5:19 am, Jim Hurley wrote:
>>  > Has anyone else experienced this?
>>  >
>>  > My copy of RR 2.1.2 (Mac OS 9) seem to wear out after a while--pardon
>>  > the anthropomorphism.
>>  >
>>  > After a period of time, when opening RR, it hangs while loading the
>>  > plug-ins. Is there a work- around when this happens?
>>  >
>>  > My only recourse has been to always keep a clean backup and trash the
>>  > non-functional copy.
>>  >
>>  > Jim
>I did a little more experimenting with this. I replaced the plugins 
>folder with one from a working version of RR. No dice.
>I next replace the components folder and all was well.
>  Next time I'll try individual items within the components folder to 
>see which one is at fault.


Maybe  you and I are the only ones with this problem, i.e. RR hangs 
on "Loadiing Plug-ins"

It just happened to me again and this time I just replaced the 
"Saves" folder in the "Components" folder and that restored the 

I had just been having a problem with saving a stack and had to force quite.

For what its worth,


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